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Bank Tresor Puzzle 

 Bank Tresor Puzzle 

Put the coin in and take it out! Difficulty 1/4.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Easy

Cross Puzzle 

 Cross Puzzle 

Free the parts from each other. Difficulty 4/4.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Hard

Free Your Emoticons 

 Free Your Emoticons 

Free your Emoticons or... Can you open the box?  

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

Heart Lock 

 Heart Lock 

Open the lock! Level of difficulty 1/4.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Easy



Play with the stars, and make your own, ten point star. To your help you have ten five point stars. The game includes 100 different challenges and has ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

Snowglobe Basket 

 Snowglobe Basket 

Få bollen i korgen. Svårighetsgrad 1/4.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Easy

Snowglobe Golf 

 Snowglobe Golf 

Placera golfbollen på planen! Svårighetsgrad 1/4.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Easy

Snowglobe Poker Cup 

 Snowglobe Poker Cup 

Kasta tärningarna i dollarkoppen! Svårighetsgrad 1/4.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Easy

Special edition gift box 

 Special edition gift box 

3 puzzles in one package: 1 x Helix (metal puzzle, separate the parts from each other, level 5/6), 1 x H&H (metal puzzle, separate the parts from each ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Hard

Twisting Rings 

 Twisting Rings 

I ett vanligt skjutpussel kan brickorna skjutas i alla riktningar. I Twisting Rings kan hörnbitarna bara skjutas i en riktning... du kan dock välja ri ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

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