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The Stuck Earrings 

 The Stuck Earrings 

Queen Cleopatra's earring got stuck. Help her or she'll throw you to the crocodiles. Size: 6,5cm x 5cm x 1,3cm  

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

The T-Puzzle 

 The T-Puzzle 

Cesar captured a T-shaped shield. But it broke into four parts. Repair it. Size: 6,5cm x 5cm x 1,3cm  

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

The Tower of Babel 

 The Tower of Babel 

King Gilgamesch had a tower built in Babylon for his seven daughters with seven floors and four columns. But the builders got into an argument about h ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

The Tricky Way Through 

 The Tricky Way Through 

Seven Etruscans wanted to pick up a form at the Roman administration. But there was a tricky arrow guidance system. Help each one to reach his counter ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

The Woodpecker Puzzle 

 The Woodpecker Puzzle 

Company B.'s board is broken. Quickly, the brothers B. try to reconstruct the woodpecker on the board. Please, help them. Size: 6,5cm x 5cm x 1,3cm  

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

Tower of Babel 

 Tower of Babel 

Mini Rocking Tower. Size: 100x75x35 mm. Age: 6+.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

Train Puzzle 

 Train Puzzle 

The locomotive and the wagons have to switch places, can you do this? Dimensions: 100x75x35 mm. Age: 6+.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

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