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T8 Trick lock 

 T8 Trick lock 

Open the trick lock! An exclusive puzzle for the collector! Design: Rainer Popp.  

Out of stock
 Difficulty: Very hard

The Egg of Columbus 

 The Egg of Columbus 

This antique tangram puzzle with 9 stone pieces was made between 1915-1925 in Kauniainen (Finland). It is a Finnish copy of Richters Anchor puzzles fr ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

Three Ring Horseshoe by JCC 

 Three Ring Horseshoe by JCC 

Free all the rings from the puzzle!  

Out of stock
 Difficulty: Medium



Titan. A fantastic puzzle made of solid brass. The task is to open the sphere into two halves. Not for beginners! Titan is delivered in a nice box  ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Very hard

Viking Box 

 Viking Box 

To open the Viking Box you must solve the maze puzzle on the top of the box! Size: 173mm x 108mm x 54mm.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Very hard

Washer Cylinder 

 Washer Cylinder 

Remove a washer from the Aluminum Cylinder Design: Wil Strijbos  

Out of stock
 Difficulty: Very hard

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