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Sloyd Web Shop » Books » The Metagrobologist Issue 06
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The Metagrobologist Issue 06

In this issue, follow us as we explore the very latest news and designs, the latest puzzle reads and the wonderful workshop and mind of Stephan Baumegger. We have long enjoyed Stephan’s beautiful mechanical wooden puzzles and the exclusive article contains an interview on Stephan’s designs, design process and manufacturing. We also share an exclusive interview with Kim Klobucher, a man who develops and crafts some of the most beautiful and wondrous mechanical puzzle boxes in the USA from a myriad of exotic hardwoods, brass and other materials. Kim is a master craftsman who embeds all of the qualities we love to explore in TheMetagrobologist. In the feature, we explore how he develops his puzzles, his experiences as a craftsman and how he does what he does. He also spoke frankly about his puzzle making. In this issue, we are also delighted to explore the puzzle making of Radek Micopulos. Radek Micopulos is a puzzle designer and expert on the Hedgehog puzzle (developed at the end of the nineteenth century by Clarence A Worrall). He is the founder of the popular page of JEŽCIVKLECI.cz and the production of the original Czech puzzles Rademic Puzzles. Also this issue, we also present a wonderful article on woodworking and puzzle craftsmanship from Stephen Kirk at CrypticWoodworks.

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