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Bolaris Complementary Colour 

 Bolaris Complementary Colour 

1) Scramble 2) Solve, in a way that the colour tones shift step by step in a harmony. Which colour should be in between white and blue? A light bl ... 

Out of stock
 Difficulty: Medium

Bolaris Domino 

 Bolaris Domino 

1) Scramble 2) Solve; slide the rect. parts to form a continuous chain of dominoes over and around the ball, matching the point value with the adjac ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Medium

Bolaris Grey 

 Bolaris Grey 

1) Scramble 2) Solve; slide the grey tones into a correct order, sorted by lightness/darkness. The tones get darker from the ”north pole” down in la ... 

Out of stock
 Difficulty: Easy

Bolaris World 

 Bolaris World 

The Maailma- puzzle (maailma = world in Finnish) is the world seen from space, partially covered with clouds. Solving the puzzle requires the rectangu ... 

Out of stock
 Difficulty: Hard



Construct a model with the given left and front projections. All the given pieces must be used. All solutions are unique. The model must not fall apar ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Easy

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