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Solitaire Chess 

 Solitaire Chess 

Solitaire Chess is a sequential logic puzzle based on the rules of chess (this is not actual chess!). To Play: Choose a challenge card and set up the  ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

Spir ala rips 

 Spir ala rips 

Spir ala rips IPP edition Put the two pieces together flat on the table, so that the resulting shape can be bisected into two identical shapes (rot ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Hard



Make a symmetric shape from the two wooden pieces. Both pieces flat on the table. Invention by Vesa Timonen. 2013 Puzzle Design Competition top ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Hard



Select a challenge card and place the blocker and slider tokens on the grid as indicated. Your Goal: Tilt the board to get the sliders through the ho ... 

In stock
 Difficulty: Changing

Timonen Burr 

 Timonen Burr 

Take apart and put together. Design: Vesa Timonen. Diameter: 5 cm. Level 5/5.  

In stock
 Difficulty: Hard

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