Our new webshop is open!

We have been working with our new webshop for a while, to create a smoother customer experience. Now the new site is ready to be launched. We hope you love spending time with our puzzles. Just like our products, the new website can also bring new challenges. If you encounter a problem, please get in touch and feel free to give us feedback on our pages. Thanks for your patience!
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Bild till framsidan rubiks kub

A puzzle a day keep your brain alert!

According to no studies that we have seen can it be bad for you to attempt solving a puzzle...

What´s up
Yuu Asaka2

Yuu Asaka, young creativ puzzledesigner from Japan

Yuu Asaka was born in Takasaki, Japan, and studied art at Akita University. In his third year, he decided to do a puzzle as part of an assignment. He...