Huzzle 40th Anniversary Box Set (limited edition)

40 Years of history in one box. You’ll find three exclusive puzzles in this box commemorating three milestones in their history.

1st year cast puzzle: Cast Key and now not available anymore.

The 20th year puzzle: Cast News, now in a black version

The 40th year puzzle: Cast Hex, usually in silver now in silver and gold.
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Cast Key


The Cast Key is one of the long-selling puzzles among Hanayama’s Cast Puzzle series. It is even the very first one! To commemorate 40 years of Huzzle, we have introduced a silver edition.

It is maybe not the most difficult one but you have 40 years of history in your hands!

Cast News


I came up with the idea for this puzzle when I was 19 years old. It just came to me during a stroll home in the snow, truly a creation of my youth.

Unfortunately, saying anything here about its construction would give away how to solve it. I certainly can’t disappoint the fans that have come to expect frustratingly difficult puzzles from me.

Besides, the fans that refuse to accept any kind of hint are those who make me the happiest!

The key word is “needle.”


News has been one the most popular puzzles of the brand and was introduced in the 20th year of Hanayama. you’ll find this bestseller in a unique black version.


Huzzle Cast Hex

Hex was introduced in the 40th year of Huzzle.

Rotate and remove the cross-shaped piece from the outer disk. You will find the movement, both horizontally and vertically, very satisfying, creating a pleasant tactile experience as you solve it.
Designed by Japanese designer Masumi Ohno. For this anniversary box you’ll find a golden version of the puzzle.

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