3 Sun 18 Steps

Denna pussellåda öppnas med 18 steg. Designen är traditionell Yosegi (över- och underpaneler). Den japanska pussellådan är gjord av endast trä. Denna designpussellåda är endast gjord av OKA CRAFT.
*Marquetry (yosegi) mönster av topp- och bottenpaneler skiljer sig åt för varje pusselruta.
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In Hakone and Odawara district of Kanagawa Prefecture, is known as "Traditional puzzle box (Trick box)." It is one of the woodwork handed down from old times in Japan. The origin goes back even to the Meiji era (1868). These structures inherit the technology from the Karakuri house of the Ninja in the Edo period (1800s). The trick box, with its advance technological aspects, requires perseverance to manufacturer. This is Bushido (Samurai) spirits. Despite its intellectually fascinating design and function. The trick box is anything but mechanical. The feel and sound by which the wood runs are simple and gentle. This is the charm of the Japanese puzzle box.