The Pythagorean theorem is written as a2 + b2= c2.

In this puzzle, Vesa Timonen has combined the Pythagorean theorem with classical jigsaw puzzle pieces.

With the 9 green puzzle pieces you can build a 3x3 square, with the 16 yellow pieces you can build a 4x4 square and with all 25 pieces you can build a 5x5 green-yellow square!
In addition, there are 8 extra challenges to do with the yellow puzzle pieces.

All challenges have one unique solution!

(c) 2023 Vesa Timonen

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Puzzhagoras challenges:
GREEN 3x3 (easy)
YELLOW 4x4 (difficult)
COMBINED 5x5 (very difficult)

Additional yellow challenges:
YELLOW 2x2 (easy)
YELLOW 3x2 (medium)
YELLOW 4x2 (medium)
YELLOW 5x2 (medium)
YELLOW 6x2 (medium)
YELLOW 3x3 (difficult)
YELLOW 4x3 (difficult)
YELLOW 5x3 (difficult)

Edge-to-edge match is also allowed:
All the challenges has only one unique solution. Solve the given jigsaw puzzle challenges using some or all of the pieces!