QiYi OS Cube 2x2 Orange

The QiYi OS Cube 2x2 is one of the most unique variations of the 2x2 cube!
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The QiYi OS Cube 2x2 is a variant of the 2x2 cube. All of the faces of the cube have the same color, but when the cube is twisted, some of the surfaces pop out with the use of magnets. The cube is in the solved state when none of the surfaces are popped out, so you have to figure out which turns to make for the surfaces pop out and back in. The cube also includes 10 challenge cards containing different states to try to get the cube in, ranging in difficulty from 1 to 3 stars. Because of how unique it is, the cube is suitable both for beginner and expert cubers. The cube was invented by Ilya Osipov.