Nova Plexus Limited Edition Stainless Steel Puzzle Sculpture plus Extra Brass Copy

Two Brass Monkeys
Nova Plexus is a Puzzle Sculpture that has been over 40 years in the making. Geoff Wyvill first designed Nova Plexus and originally intended a limited edition of 500 made from stainless steel. Nova Plexus is a self supporting structure made from 12 identical, precisely made. metal rods. A brass edition (unlimited) of the puzzle is available.

This item includes all of the following : A stainless steel copy of the Nova Plexus puzzle sculpture. A laser engraved, uniquely numbered, anodised aluminium certificate of authenticity. A high quality postcard with a letter/story from Geoff explaining the history of Nova Plexus. A bonus second brass copy of Nova Plexus Pouches to hold the Nova Plexus pieces while it is unassembled Rubber bands to help with assembly of the puzzle.

Please note that this puzzle sculpture does not come with a solution.
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