Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe

Help Little Red Riding Hood to build the path to grandma's house! Consists 48 challenges with solutions and a Little Red Riding Hood storybook! Ages: 4-7. For 1+ players.
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This year's Toddler Games 2018 in Sweden

Little Red Riding Hood (Red Riding Hood and the Wolf) is a perfect logic game for young children from SmartGames. Find and build the road to Grandma's house through the woods. As the challenges become more difficult, more pieces of the puzzle (roads) will be needed. Storybook with pictures included on the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Contains: Booklet with 48 challenges and solutions (24 with the wolf and 24 without), game rules, game plan, red hat, the wolf, three trees, five road puzzle pieces and instructions in the Nordic languages and English. Suitable for age: From 4-7 years. Number of players: 1.