Snow White

SmartGames Snow White Snow White fairytale learning game
In SmartGames Lumikki fairy tale game you will find Lumikki and seven little dwarves as well as a charming house of dwarves.
This fun logic game contains 48 challenges to solve either alone or together.

A fairy tale logic game
Includes a storybook
Recommended age: 4-7 years
Product Code: SG024
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Once upon a time ... The idea of ​​SmartGames Snow White is to place Snow White and the Dwarves in the house according to the challenge. Follow the clues and insert the rest of the characters. The task is solved correctly when all the shutters and doors of the house can be opened and it is seen whether the characters are in their right places. There are 48 progressively challenging challenges in the game: 24 challenges to be done inside the house and 24 challenges to be done on the facade side of the house.

The game can be played alone or with a friend. When playing with a friend, find the right solution to the challenge together, so that the game develops the players' interaction and cooperation skills in an excellent way. Instead of the winner-loser layout familiar from games, when the right solution is found, both are winners!

The fascinating SmartGames Snow White logic game develops spatial perception, problem solving and logical thinking. The Snow White picture story that comes with the game brings this classic story to life.

Recommended age: 4-7 years.
Contents: 3D house, 7 dwarf characters, Snow White, Evil Queen, challenge book with solutions, game instructions and Snow White picture book.
Snow height: 5 cm.
Package dimensions: 29 x 24 x 7.5 cm.
Adventure in the world of fairytale games

The series of SmartGames logic games includes four lovely fairy tale games: Three Little Pigs - Three Little Piggies, Little Red Riding Hood, Princess Rose - Sleeping Beauty and Snow White - Snow White. Each fairy tale game also includes a picture fairy tale book that allows you to tell a fairy tale. The fairy tale associated with the game brings the game to life! The characters in the games inspire to present a fairy tale as a table theater, to play and come up with their own stories. These great fairy tales also support self-expression and creativity as well as storytelling skills.

Play and learn!
Belgian game maker SmartGames firmly believes that playing is the most important way for a child to learn. Playing games is fun, and alongside the fun, the child’s cognitive (cognitive), linguistic, and social skills develop.

In addition to these skills, gaming has many other meanings. Gaming is also a great support for learning learning skills. In what kind of learner a child sees himself or herself, self-confidence plays an important role. The structure of SmartGames logic games also provides excellent support for building a child's self-confidence. When a child plays a logic game and solves a challenge successfully, he immediately gets positive feedback from himself through the right solution. The tasks of the games gradually become more difficult. When a child realizes that he or she is coping with increasingly difficult tasks, it is truly rewarding. This is how enthusiasm grows as you play and learning happens as if unnoticed!

Although SmartGames games are designed to be played alone, we also recommend playing the games together. Solving challenges with another player requires discussion and interaction, which is very developing. A playmate can be another child, a parent, or even a teacher. When an adult is interested in playing with a child and encourages when needed, this encourages the child to take on challenges.