Zig Zag Puzzler -pulmapeli

Build a pyramid or zigzag! SmartGames Zig Zag Puzzler is a fun and challenging, compact sized puzzle game.

Double-sided game platform and two game modes
Recommended age: over 12 years of age
A handy storage box opens into a game board on which zigzag and pyramid structures are stacked
Product Code: SG414
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SmartGames Zig Zag Puzzler puts your 3D perception to the test! Build a pyramid or zigzag to meet the challenge! There are a total of 80 different levels of challenges in the game. Can you solve them all? The fun and challenging puzzle game features two versions of the game that are played on different sides of the game board: 40 different pyramids are assembled on the blue side and 40 different zigzag patterns are built on the white side of the game board. The game’s 80 progressively more difficult tasks guarantee something to consider for both beginners and smart gaming professionals.

The game storage box opens into a game board on which the structures are stacked. A cleverly sized game goes with you even on a holiday or cottage trip and its challenges entertain the whole family on the road too! The game develops logical thinking, problem-solving ability and spatial perception.

Contents: double-sided game board, transparent cover, 9 colorful pieces and two challenge booklets and rules
Recommended age: over 12 years old
Packaging dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 cm
SmartGames logic games are suitable for children and adults
The series of SmartGames logic games is enough fun and challenging brain teasers for all ages. Each SmartGames game includes at least 48 different logic tasks in four different difficulty levels: from very easy to very difficult. Gradually more difficult tasks maintain interest while games develop a wide range of problem-solving skills, perceptual skills, and logical thinking. The games are designed to be played alone or with a friend or parent. Most SmartGames games also work great as mobile games.