IQ Arrows

Follow the arrows and find the solution! SmartGames IQ Arrows is a favorite of the whole family, which is grabbed for both a cottage trip and a train trip.

Convenient travel size
120 tasks from easy to very difficult
A favorite of the whole family
Age recommendation for over 7s
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Can you place all the pieces on the board so that the right arrows point in the right direction? The idea of ​​SmartGames IQ Arrows is to place six arrow pieces on the game board so that the colors and directions of the arrows match the challenge. IQ Arrows is an interesting addition to the popular SmartGames series of smart games! SmartGames IQ Arrows is a fun logic game suitable for the whole family! The game contains a total of 120 tasks from easy to very difficult! The SmartGames IQ Arrows logic game is enough of a challenge for adults as well. Be careful that you went in the right direction when solving the challenge!

120 logic tasks from easy to very difficult
Convenient travel size
Recommended age: over 7 years old
Contents: game board with lid, which also serves as a storage box, challenge book with solutions and six colorful lights

Package dimensions: 10 x 15 x 3 cm
The IQ logic game is a great travel game

Thanks to the convenient storage solution, SmartGames IQ Arrows is an excellent peanut also for the trip. A pocket-sized game always fits. There is plenty to do in the game for a longer holiday trip. IQ Arrows is also a good option for Netflix and YouTube when traveling with children. Another more challenging task grabs you and challenges you to test your own skills.

SmartGames IQ games develop concentration, problem-solving skills and perception.