Safari Park Jr.

Ready for a photo! In the SmartGames Safari Park Jr children's game, you have an adventure in a wildlife park. Move the animals into position for a photo, but remember that a lion doesn't like water, an elephant can't climb and a giraffe is too tall to walk under branches. SmartGames Safari Park Jr children's game is a cute learning game that is also a toy. Solve 60 fun challenges or play creatively!

A child's first logic game
Play or play creatively!
60 different challenges
Develops visualization and problem-solving skills
Age recommendation: for over 3 years old
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SmartGames Safari Park children's game is also a toy! The cute animals need your help to get them in the right places for the photo. Remember that a lion doesn't like water, a clumsy elephant can't climb rocks and a giraffe can't walk under trees. A sweet learning game is also a toy! Learn shapes and concepts like left, right, front and back. Sort shapes and follow paths. Are you ready to learn and have fun?

Younger children can play with the figures and look for shapes and routes on the game board. Challenge cards and game instructions are intended for children over 3 years old.

1: Choose a challenge and remove the animals from the game board. The "photo" on the challenge card shows one or more animals in a certain place.
2: Add the animals in the picture to the game board and move them to the right place.
3: You have solved the challenge when the layout you created corresponds to the "photograph" of the challenge.

Children may need an adult's help when solving challenges. You can help the child by asking questions: What animals are needed for this challenge? Where will this animal be put? Which side of the rainbow do you see? Is the animal in front of it or behind it?

  • Age recommendation: for over 3 years old
  • Contents: three-dimensional game board, lion, elephant and two giraffes and game instructions
  • Package dimensions: 29 x 24 x 7.5 cm