5 Sun 36 Steps

This puzzle box is opened by 36 steps. This puzzle box have 4 slide keys and 4 slide panels.
The design is Traditional KoYosegi. The Japanese puzzle box is made from only wood.
This puzzle box is made by OKA CRAFT.
*The Wood mosaic (Yosegi) patterns may be differed by each boxes.
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In Hakone-cho, the Odawara distict of Kanagawa Prefecture in. Japan, is known as "trickbox."
It is one of the woodwork handed down from old times.
The origin goes back even to the Meiji era(1870).If the whole surface of a square box or a
part is moved in order, the lid opens. With this mechanism. it is truly a puzzle. The
operation which moves the whole surface is counted as 1,and a name is decided by the
number of counts taken to arrive at the final lid. Moreover, the length of the longest parel is
measured, then this measurement is placed in front of the name. Note: 1-sun is 3cm. Furthermore, the trickbox is decorated with traditional Hakone-cho, Odawara district artwork. The mosaic and wood inlaid work a traditional handicraft are used. Despite its intellectually fascinating design and function. The trick box is anything but mechanical. The feel and sound by which the wood runs are simple and gentle. This is the charm of the Japanese puzzle box.